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1. Why should I use your service:

Our service provides the lowest per unit cost along with the automation needed to provide the safest most reliable way of decomissioning your tanks, and providing you with a reliable and effective source to not just limit your liability, but to end any possible liability you may have in the future from operators who just take your tanks and money and just dump them. When we complete the recovery and processing of your tanks, they are on the way to the furnace, with absolutly no possible way for them to be used for anything except remelting and making them into raw steel.

2. What do we have to do to send our tanks to you:

You will have to prepare them for shipment. If they are the single use 1lb. cylinders you can box them or put them inside sealed 55 gallon drums,and then place them on pallets and strap or wrap them. We will need a weight of each pallet. If you cannot weigh them then we will have to use an estimate based on an approximate weight of the cylinders,pallet, packaging, and the weight of any residue left. When you have finished that call our sales office (315) 253 - 2886 or E-mail us to make the shipping arrangements with either you or us calling the shipping company. We also will send you the necessary stickers for the outside of the packages.

3. What happens when the tanks arrive at your facility:

The tanks are unloaded and checked in then they are transported to a safe area to await processing. Depending on the volume of cylinders arriving at our plant your shipment will be processed within a few days of arrival. As your tanks are being processed the operator will check the contents as well as the actual count of the tanks sent. If there are any discrepencies in the count then you will either be refunded the difference or you will be billed for any excess tanks sent and that were not in the original shipping count. When your shipment has been completed the operator will fill out a report with the count and other details of the recovery along with the date of completion. A copy will be sent to you for your files.

4. What happens to any propane recovered:

This is the part we really like. We use it for heating part of our plant as well as using some of the heat in a part of our process.

5. Who have you done work for:

Our list of companies that we have serviced is a varied list including: factories, scrapyards, county governments, household hazardous waste collection companies, propane dealers, and cities of all sizes.

6. How many cylinders do we need to have to send them:

The answer is 1 or 5000. There is no minium quantity that you need to send, but you will find that the more you have the cheaper the shipping is, so it is to your advantage to safely stockpile them for a short period. The average shipment we receive is approximatly 2-500 at a time. We can arrange pick-up from 1 to full tractor trailer loads depending on your needs.

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