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Our unique service is designed to safely and legally dispose of propane cylinders from the one pound up to the 500 pound tanks, with the recovery and reuse of the residual propane in our processing operation, and preparing the tank to be safely melted down and remade as structural steel or even a part of the next car that you buy, or the bridge you drive over !

We started out as a company that designed and built one of a kind machines and prototype material handling products. A question came up one day during lunch about what happens to old propane tanks when they get old and die. One of our designers did some reasearch on the internet and contacted some propane companies to find out the answer. He came back with the answer, which wasn't what was expected. The answer was, in campgrounds, landfills, roadsides, and sometimes in scrapyard crushers.

After months and months of research and design we came up with a prototype machine which was sucessful in recovering about 75% of the propane but which still left them with some explosive residue in the tank which still made the tank unsafe for disposal. Finally after many more months of research and development, we finally designed a propriatary system of completely removing and capturing all of the residue including what is left in the tank including what remains trapped in the seams and voids of the tank. Our 4th and final generation of machines were designed to be able to process the tanks in a safe and envrionmentally sound fashion. Our process was designed to be able to process the tanks with the speed and efficiency needed to be able to do these tanks in a cost efficent manner.

Some envrionmental companys in our area have charged as much as $ 5.35 a pound to take the small single use cylinders, sometimes more during annual household hazardous waste days. That is the cost for the tank alone, now add the weight of any contents that may be left and you can see where it can break any budget to try to take these and dispose of them properly.

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