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Our pricing is among the lowest you will ever find for the safe, envrionmentally sound, and legal disposal of propane tanks from 1lb. to 500lb.

Once we complete your order you will receive a report signed by the technician that actually does the work. At that time any liability for these tanks ends as they are completly empty and on their way to being melted down and made into new products, not just collected and dumped into some woods or landfill.

********There are many questions about our pricing being so low. Here are some facts you should know and then you can decide for yourself.
Our 1 lb machines can process approximatly 1000 tanks per day. Our 1.5 lb to 100 lb machines can process 10 to 30 tanks per hour. Automation is the key, from conveyors to feed the machine and electric eyes and pressure switches and gauges to monitor the operations of the machines which allows one operator to run 3 machines at one time.
The other big question is what is the total cost with shipping. An example is 6000 one lb tanks from North Carolina to our plant made the total cost of processing and shipping $ 1.16 per 1lb tank. Shipping and processing almost 400 20lb tanks from New Hampshire came to a total of $ 3.68 per tank. What does your current processor charge you now! ******

The prices below are for processing only, call us for a quote with the shipping arranged by us or you may handle the shipping with your own carriers. It costs you nothing to find out and you may be pleasantly supprised, no matter what quantity of tanks that you have !

  1. One pound disposable cylinders _______________________ $ 0.75

  2. 1.5 LB -- 20 LB. refillable cylinders ______________________ $ 2.00

  3. 21 LB. -- 33 LB. refillable cylinders __________________ $ 4.00

  4. 34 LB -- 100 LB> refillable cylinders _________________ $ 9.00

  5. 101 -- 200 LB refillable cylinders_________________ $ 15.00

  6. 200 -- 500 LB> refillable cylinders _________________ $ 50.00

  7. Lab bottles_________________ $ 15.00

  8. Vehicle propane tanks _________________ $ 25.00

The above does not include freight to our collection center and will be provided when you call our sales office and is based on the weight of your shipment and the packaging.

Remember that with our process and machinery our automation has enabled us to be able to keep the cost so low that even with the shipping to our plant you may be suprised to find that we are more inexpensive and safer than the guy down the block than you may presently be using. Ask him what the cost is and what he ends up doing with the cylinders after you pay him, you may be suprised to find out what liability you may still be exposed to especially if they are landfilled or crushed with the propnae still in them ! We have even heard of one very large propane company who pays an employee his hourly wage to take them home with him and shoot them with a .22 caliber rifle............ Does that sound like what you would like done !

Give our sales office a call at: (315) 253 - 2886 for a quote. There is no obligation and will only take a few minites to find the lowest prices in north america .

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